12V 20amp Battery

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 12V 20amp lithium bait boat battery. Testing has so far proved excellent and we have achieved over 2 hours on the Viper MK3 and Viper Icon boats (you get 30mins on a 12v 9amp lead acid battery)and even comparable results on the Viper X-Range and Viper Storm 2 models. Each battery comes with a charger and charging bag. Our lithium battery is roughly half the weight of the standard 12v 9amp lead acid battery making it much easier to transport and safer to lower in to the water. At half the weight and at over 4 times the capacity of the a 12v 9amp lead acid battery the lithium bait boat battery is the ultimate accessory for bait boat users. The batteries are available now so place your order today!

Price: £180  NOW ON SALE £139.99

lithium bait boat battery



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Bait Boat GPS in stock now!

We are please to announce we have a brand new GPS system that has been designed to work with Bait Boats, click here for more information